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Moors murderer, Ian Brady.

Footage was recovered of a man lost in the Paris catacombs. The story says tat in the early 1990’s a man went exploring down the the catacombs in Paris by myself with just his camcorder as you watch the video you can see the man going deeper into the catacombs and becoming more lost and more scared. urban explorers found the tape years later. 

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famous supernatural pictures

Ian Brady in 1995.

Ian Brady in 1995.

Bog bodies have been discovered in Northeast Europe, most of them can be dated back to The iron age.  The bodies are famous for being so well preserved by the peat they had died in, the most famous of them is known as The Tollund Man. It is thought that they were killed as sacrifices and they were killed by whats called over kill. 

bog bodies

A list of bog bodies 

The Tollund Man

Cashel man

Clonycavan man





I can’t begin to tell you how awesome this is, it sounds as if it’s happening DIRECTLY in front of you oh man. I took my headphone off at a certain part and thought that something fell near me. 

Basically put on your headphones (make sure the left goes to the left ear and the right goes to the right ear), close your eyes and relax. 

As the audio says “this contains some violent and scary scenes, do not listen if this may be bad for you”

ORIGINAL VIDEO (credits for this audio go to medielebbet)

Thank you to tumblr user wallmountedtrex for putting this in the sixpenceee tag and bringing it to my attention! 

this is the coolest. i could almost feel the whispering in my ear

you will not regret listening to this I promise